Faithless teaser. Subject to change

Faithless teaser: (Subject to change)

Jacob smiles, then says something totally unexpected: “Congratulations.” he nods in the direction of my ring.  I look down, smile: “Thank you.  But how…?”
He answers before I finish: “Jason told me.”
Of course he did.  He would want to rub it in Jacob’s face: “Right, of course.”  I smile, getting ready for the conversation to move on to work.  I take a long sip of my tea.
“He asked me to be his best man.”
I nearly choke on my tea: “What?” I blink as he continues.
“Yeah, did he not talk to you about it?” he feigns innocence.
“Ah, no, but we have not finalised anything yet.” We haven’t talked about anything yet.  This all only happened last night. I know Jason asked him, but he had to have refused. Right?
“Of course I said yes.  In a heart beat.” he reads my thoughts.
I frown: “Why would you agree to be the best man at my wedding?”
He simply smiles: “Because I was asked.”
“If you were asked to jump of a bridge, would you?” This is not happening, did he really agree to this? Did Jason really ask him to do this?
“If you were on the other side. Then yes.”
I lean forward,  clasp my hands, making sure that I have his full attention: “And what makes you think that I would be on the other side of the bridge waiting for you?”
His eyes glint as his smile fades: “One can hope.”
“There is no hope for you and me.  I love Jason. I always will.  You being apart of my wedding party is not going to change that.  You have no control over my heart.” it’s harsh yes, but it needs to be said.
“You have all of my heart.  You always have and always will. You have all of my love.”
I roll my eyes.  This is not the first time that he has declared his love to me: “It’s never been wanted and will never be returned.  Now, lets get back to work.”

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