This Crazy World

In this Crazy mixed up world we need to take the good with the bad.
More often than not we focus far too much on the bad and don’t live for the good.
We need to feel the joy, more than the sorrow
We need to feel the love, more than the pain
We need to know what it feels like to be hurt
So we can appreciate the love
We need to experience the bad to know when to grab the good and hold on to it.

In this crazy mixed up world we need to focus more on action than on words
Words can be hurtful, they bear more pain than a knife through a vein
Words can break you down and tear you apart
but at the heart of it all, words are just words

This world has gone crazy taking an eye for an eye in every sense of the word
You hurt me, I hurt you, My family hurts your family, your family hurts my family
When will it end, when will we see that this world belongs to nobody
The land is not ours, the oil is not ours, the people cannot be owned
We live in the same world. We have the same minds, We want the same things

When will this crazy world end the pain and suffering from worlds end.
The images we see are beyond me
My minds eye can’t see why the world wants to hurt each other.

Be free, Be one, Be all.
I want the world to think first act later.
What if I was wrong and you were innocent, What if I attack you in case you might attack me?
For sure that will start a war, all over a ‘what if?’
The world is made up of too many What If’s and maybes
I need to know that my future sons and daughters will be born into a world where ‘what if?’ is not an answer.

This crazy world needs to slow down and see that we all need to work with each other to unite in the fight that is peace in this world
Stop the wars, stop the fights, listen with open minds, listen without judgement, Listen.
Listen to each other.

By Emma Carolan


Copyright © Ireland Emma Carolan 2014


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